Future Leaders: Our Fellows For Equality 2020

Fellows For Equality 2020

Movement for Scavenger Community (MSC) has selected the 2020 Fellows For Equality. The growing social activists will join profound training in our workshops and get a one-year support from the MSC seniors.

MSC recently announced three new Fellows for Equality. In a one year program, our Fellows are encouraged to set up their own social projects in their community. Regular workshops and the connection to our network of former Fellows and activists serve as a source of knowledge.

During their one year fellowship program, our Fellows for Equality will also get financial support from MSC. This way, the Fellows can focus on their social work and interact with the community.

Three new Fellows Announced

In 2020, MSC will support three Fellows For Equality. All of our Fellows are members of the scavenger community and already engaged in the work for equality. MSC acknowledges their efforts and wants to support their vision of a better future.

These are our three new Fellows For Equality:

Joshna Nayak is our fellow from Bhubaneshwar. Joshna spent eight years as a supervisor in a call center, until she worked with CYSD in Bhubaneshwar. Within the scavenger community, she has formed a women federation. In new projects and initiatives, Joshna always looks forward to learn something new. Joshna told us that she is proud of being selected as a Fellow For Equality and is looking forward to engage in the area of education. We’re happy to have such an encouraging personality in our fellowship programe.

Our Fellow Jyotsana
Geeta is a new Fellow for Equality

Maybe, you have already seen Geeta Devi. She was in one of our videos and already spoke about her visions for the future. As a teacher in the Community Resource Center in Solan from day one, Geeta is one of our most active community members. The mother of three children has been working as a teacher every day for two years and is also a member of a Self Help Group committee. All in all, Geeta prooved that she’s got the right energy and enthusiasm to bring change to the community. Her two years experience in social work also make a great foundation for future development. Geeta truly deserves support and highest appreciation.

Bishal Singh is our youngest Fellow in 2020. In the past, he already prooved that he is fully able to achieve great success. As a 12th class student in Assam higher secondary education council, he already completed an advanced diploma in computer application and a three-month training in textile dyeing and printing from Assam Handloom & Textiles. Besides these achievements, Bishal still found the time to engage in community work as a teacher in our Community Resource Center in Assam. What a great catch! We’re happy to see some more great achievements.

Our new fellow Bishal

Help us support their great work

Also in 2020, our Fellows For Equality get regular financial support from MSC during their fellowship, as well as the opportunity to participate in our workshops about social work. Our workshops are free of cost and also open for other interested community members.

Because MSC also sponsors accomodation and travel costs during the workshops, we always search for good-hearted people who want to support our fellowship program. If you would like to engage in the work towards equality, you can easily get in touch with us.