Scavenger Community Members’ Story in Times of India

Scavenger Community Work

National newspaper features the story of three members of the scavenger community in India. Find out, what all of them have in common.

Scavengers Are Everywhere in India

More often than not, the daily struggle of the scavenger community in India is taken for granted. Although the people who clean the streets, collect garbage, or even dive into tanks of human night soil, are present every day, they hardly get any attention.

We’re happy that Times of India published an article about three of our people. Moreover, they also share the story of MSC’s founder, Vimal Kumar.

Persons With a Scavenger Background Tell Equal Stories

Along with his story of discrimination from childhood on, the article also tells us about the destiny of two other people, who wanted to break free from the chains of their caste. Panwar struggled in school, because upper caste people didnĀ“t want her to study Sanskrit. Today, she is a teacher for the subject. Sunil Yadav, a student with great results also struggles to finance his education, even though he is performing well.

There are many things that all of the three people have in common. All of them struggle with their family heritage, all of them tried to resist. None of them ever wants to go back to their traditional caste-occupation. Even though they achieved something, they are still challenged on a daily basis.

Education and Empowerment of the Scavenger Community

Education, so it seems, is one way out of the vicious circle. MSC supports local development through the establishment of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Community Resource Centres. We also hope to engage young leaders to keep on fighting for their rights in a non-violent way.

No matter how much work we do ourselves, we always need support from the outside. You can actively help us with donations or voluntary work. Often, it is also great to put our stories forward, just like the Times of India did.