We are searching for Fellows for Equality in 2022

Fellows For Equality 2022 - Movement for Scavenger Community

It’s fellow time again! MSC is searching for the future leaders of the movement – and you could be one!

Since 2019, we support young community members in social projects which support their own carreer as social workers as well as the matters of the scevenger community in general.

What MSC is doing

Movement for Scavenger Community (MSC) is a growing movement amongst the scavenger community in India. We believe that every member of our community has the power to pave their own way to success. Unfortunately, caste discrimination, family issues and struggles in the educational and work sector are challenges, which we have to overcome.

MSC focusses on stabilizing scavenger communities by connecting people with the same background and establishing educational hubs all over India. Our community centres are run by the community to create trust in themselves.

What you will be doing

Connecting people and lighting the fire of our community is one way to success, but every fire needs a spark. To spread our movement across India and the world, we need more sparks: young and engaged leaders who raise their voice and encourage others to use their skills and engage in community projects.

As our next Fellow for Equality, you will become future leader of our community. Within on year, you will learn how to work on your own social projects, encourage others and connect to other leaders all over India. Your training and supervision will be done by a Senior Fellow as well as our MSC-Team.

In several workshops you will travel across the country and get to know other young leaders from sweeper families, who run their own independent projects within their community. Together, we will develop a concept how you can make a change yourself and will take care of a funding for your community projects.

Apply now!

Are you ready to work towards a better future of our community? Then apply and become our next Fellow for Equality. We are looking forward to reading from you! The application will run until January 14th, so better be quick!