Coronavirus: Community Resource Centers Stay Closed

MSC Centres Closed - Movement for Scavenger Community

Due to the recent development of the pandemic of Covid-19, all of our community centres stay closed. We recommend our community members to stay at home and avoid direct contact to others.

Stay at home, stay safe

Our centres are a place of hope, enjoyment, and positive activism. Due to the current state of events, however, we recommend all of the centers’ committees to take a break from their regular activities. The health and well-being of our community members is most important.

Even though, many rumours can be found on the internet, there is no valid medical treatment against the new virus. All of us can be a victim of it and mostly: All of us can carry it to our weaker family members. For some, the virus might not cause severe illness, for others, it’s lethal.

Especially in highly populated areas like our bastiyan, where people live side-by-side with each other, one infected community member can harm the whole community. It’s not about you, it’s about all of us.

Vimal’s Advice for Sanitation Workers

Cleanliness and Caution

The only thing we can do to care for each other is avoiding any direct contact to people from without our household. If you need to talk to friends, aunties, or bhaya from across the street, keep your distance or use your phone.

Besides that, we also need to take care of our cleanliness as always, but with a little more caution. Many scavenger communities have shared water resources where direct contact to others regularly happens. Make sure you stay in a safe distance from others while you wait for your turn water, while you go to the market, and while you’re at work.

In a highly populated country like India, this is hard, but a wide-spread infection will even hit us harder. Mostly, it’s the marginalized groups who suffer the most from crises.

MSC wishes everyone to stay healthy. Don’t panic but act reasonable.

If you need more information about the Coronavirus, you will find it on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO)

Title image by Peggy Choucair at Pixabay