MSC 2020: New Concept With Fresh Website

MSC got a new website and a fresh concept for 2020. Find out what’s new and why you should come back to our new website soon.

We’re Back

Hey friends of the movement,

we’re back. Our previous website broke down and we decided it’s time for an update, anyways. The new website is easier to use, nicer to look at, and will be continuously filled with new information.

That’s New

From now on, our website will not only include information about MSC and its work. Of course, you will still find all the information about our work, including the fellowship program Fellows for Equality and our Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Community Resource Centres. We will also keep you updated about events and programs on our blog.

But we also decided to make our website a platform of information and exchange. We will inform you about all topics which affect the scavenger communities, share personal stories of our people and collect news and reports about the scavenger community, here.

Our Topics

The MSC-website will focus on five different areas of interest, which are:


Here we include our knowledge about activism and share inspiring stories from all over the world. We want to encourage you to change the world with us. Become inspired by others and learn from experience.


In our news section, you will find interesting summaries from political decisions up to scientific reports, or even movie reviews. Every topic which touches the life of the scavenger community will be included here.


What does it really feel to be born into the scavenger community? In this section, we will interview members of the scavenger community and share their stories with you. We want to give a voice to our people.


Whenever we will run a new workshop, we will let you know here. If we find some interesting forum for you to widen your horizon, we will also put it into this section.

Our Centres

Last, but not least: Our Centres are the local headquarters of our movement. We will share interesting facts, events, and success stories with you. Simply, because we are amazed by the work of our people.

Add us to Your Favourites

Instead of only promoting the work of MSC, we want to make our website a source of knowledge and activism. Of course, it won’t be done in one day. All our workers are volunteers and run MSC besides their regular jobs. Be patient and add our blog to your favourite websites.

Check our latest news, soon.