Movement for Scavenger Community

Movement for Scavenger Community (MSC) is an all-Indian NGO which provides access to basic human rights for the members of the scavenger-community. Working with local communties and activists, MSC uses strictly non-violent methods to make change towards equality happen for everyone.

Vimal Kumar_ Founder MSC

“The aim of Movement For Scavenger Community (MSC) is equality. We want the same chances for everyone, no matter what caste, class, religion, gender or sexuality they belong to. Our way to reach this goal is empowerment through education. “

– Vimal Kumar, Founder of MSC

Vimal currently works with the McCain Institute as a next generation leader in Washington for the duration of one year.

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MSC in a Nutshell

MSC was founded in 2009 by a group of people who wanted to work towards equality in India. Read more about our work and philosophy…

The scavenger community is the lowest layer of Indian caste hierarchy. Their daily work is essential for the society. Find out why they still suffer under social exclusion…

Our Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Community Resource Centres are the foundation of community development. This is how they are organized….

MSC supports young individuals on their way to become local leaders for community development. Get an idea about our fellowship program…

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