Fellows For Equality

Our Fellows for Equality


The Fellows for Equality programme will identify and support potential youth from the communities for a period of one year.

Each fellow will be positioned at different locations identified for the development of the B R Ambedkar Community Resource Centre. The fellows will be trained through 5 different workshops in necessary skills of community and resource mobilization, basic development and community management and training. They will also be assigned a mentor for the duration of the fellowship to work closely to define the goals and measure the progress of their work in the community while supporting the fellow in their journey of leadership.

The fellows are expected to take one community project during the time of their fellowship in the areas of;

  1. Improving educational outcomes of the community.
  2. Identifying and improving employability of qualified youth in the community through convergence and partnerships.
  3. Strengthening community based organisation and initiate livelihood initiatives arounde micro- enterprises
  4. Fundraising and sustainability of Community Resource Centre Objectives of the Fellowship
    • to identify and build leadership within the manual scavenging community for spearheading development and disruptive innovation
    • to promote development and progress in community through initiatives in education, employability and entrepreneurship
    • to foster community led initiatives through the Community Resource centres.
    • to link with the community and grassroots movements for eradication of manual scavenging Locations

The probable locations for the fellowship have been finalized considering the feasibility and willingness of the community to host a fellow and actively participate in the projects of MSC.