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Our Leadership workshop in Chail.


Is there a better surrounding to work in then the mountains of Himachal Pradesh?  Staying in the sun and breathing the fresh mountain air is definitely helpful to get a clear head and leave behind your daily routine for a while.

Is there a better place to share life stories than the mountains in Himachal Pradesh?

Our third leadership workshop in 2018 took us out into the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. On December 15th and 16th,  the participants stayed together in a hotel and discussed issues about the scavenger community. Our workshops took place in the nature and on the top of a mountain in Chail. Besides the good view, the workshop participants also enjoyed the work and discussions.

The first day was all about biography research. Emotional moments occured when our participants opened themselves up and shared their life stories, struggles and succes to the others. While walking through the forest in Chail, our participants got into deep talks in pairs of two and talked for several ours. The participants got to know each other and we all learned that we are not alone with our problems.


A peaceful place for serious discussions.

Building up on that, the second day of our workshop took part on the Khali Mandir in Chail. On top of the mountain, our groups could collaborate in finding solutions for their problems in community work, private life and work. In groups of three, people from all over India got to know the issues of others and found out that they share a lot of struggles and joys in life. We were also very happy that the women of our community could explain their point of view to the men.


Besides all the work, there was a lot of space for fun.

Besides all the serious discussions, there was also a lot of fun. Sitting at the fire in the evening, enjoying good food and singing all night long, made people grow together as a group. We learned how to open up, help and support each other. Not only now, but also in the future.





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