Kala is a shopowner in a residencial area in Ladwa. His shop is small and far from the city-center, but he is very proud of it and keeps it clean. Kala used to work as a sweeper in Ladwa, but he always dreamed about something different. “The worst about the job is that everyone treats you bad. Once people saw you sweeping the streets, they consider you as dirty. Some even denied to sell me water, when I was thirsty.” His children should not live the same life as he did, Kala decided. For 15 years, he was planning to collect money to set up his shop. Now he is retired and runs the shop to make it a family business. “The business has just started, so it does not give me as much money as the sweeping job. But it is easy and people here in my community give me respect. I always try to encourage others to also leave the broom behind.”