Our Projects

A Nationwide Network

Movement for Scavenger Community is currently building and maintaining a nationwide network of the scavenger community. Our goal is to connect the communities in different areas of the country to enable them to support and strengthen the community from within. For that reason, MSC establishes selfhelp-centers in selected communities, in which the members can establish stronger ties to each other and support each other to improve their social and economic conditions. MSC studies the specific structures of the area and works in close cooperation with the communities to adjust its work to the given circumstances.

Community Centers as Hubs for Self Help

MSC establishes and maintains self-help centers in different communities all over India. After the establishment, these centers are run by the communities. In this way, MSC aims to strenghthen collaboration within the community and encourage the local people to develop solutions for their problems. Our team-members serve as a reference and contact in case any support from outside is needed. We also check on the members of the curating commitees regularly to suggest further ways of improvement. The community centers have been equipped with libraries, computers, printers and other teaching materials, to provide the necessary foundation for modern education and opportunities for self-improvement. The projects and programms of the centers are provided by voluntary workers from within and without the community. If you also want to take part as a volunteer in one of our locations, feel free to join us.

We aim to spread our centers all over the country to create a big network of reciprocal support. Find out more about our centers:


My name is Bheem! “JAI BHEEM”

My name is Bheem! Spreading smiles this Ambedkar Jayanti April 14th is an important day in India, the birth anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who was the first law minister of India and the principal architect of the Constitution of India. This year marks his 127th birth anniversary. Many political parties and people from […]

Function Weekend in Solan

Happy Birthday, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar! Happy Himachal Day! Today, our function weekend got to an end. We are all happy and exhausted from two days full of dance, singing, speeches and most off all: great community work. On the last weekend, two very important events took place. For the first time in Solan, we […]

Inauguration of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Community Resource Center

What a beautiful day! Today we are happy to announce that the inauguration of our Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Community Resource Center has been celebrated in Barrackpore, West Bengal. With the help of our hard working community members, we created a suitable place for change and improvement of our people. The encouraging speeches on the […]