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It has been one year already? The great performance of Solan


One year of independent work

One year ago, on December 17th 2017, we celebrated the opening of the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Community Ressource Centre in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. In fact, since that time we have not worked on building the centre at all. The community did it by themselves! In our workshops for the Fellows for Equality, we have been working with future leaders for development in our communities to enable them to independently work on their own issues. Instead of funding and leaving, MSC works on sustainable long-term solutions for the members of the scavenger communities.

The project of education

The people in Solan showed us that this strategy pays of: In one year they managed to set up a commitee for their C0mmunity Ressource Centre, organize independent events and most of all to offer daily tuitions to young students all by themselves. Their work was so successful that even people from outside of the community join their tuitions which are completely run by the amazing women and young students from our community.

So much success in one year!

The centre looks better than ever and became a central location for community life, functions and consultancy. It has influenced the whole community and it members are proud that they were not only teaching and entertaining themselves, but also have a broader impact by changing the atmosphere of the community. Young leaders engaged in stopping the consumption of alcohol near the ground where young children use to play. Additionally, the community joined workshops and education about environmental conciousness with the NGO Earthjust, planted a lot of trees and looked at waste-production at festivals in Solan. We are also enjoying the development of great artists who come together and work on their music-performance skills. Outstanding guitar-players, singers and drummers are growing with the centre being their central point of practicing and performing.

Congratulations and all the best from the MSC team.

Movement for Scavenger Community is proud of the communities achievement and looks forward to many more years of education, development and joy. Thanks to all the people who engaged in this amazing year!


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