Movement for Scavenger Community - MSC is an NGO founded in 2009 by young people, social activists and like minded people belonging to the scavenger community. MSC is committed to work towards the social and economic empowerment of the scavenger community through the medium of education.


Scavengers are members of communities under different names. In some areas they are called Bhangi, in others Balmiki, some call them Chuhras and there are many more names. But all scavengers share equal stories of marginalisation, abuse and neglect. MSC aims to spread a wide network, which reaches even beyond the countries borders.


MSC is a movement from within the society. Our ideal is a model of leadership education, where every community is enabled to solve their problems. We establish education centers in several cities and support the local communities with workshops, after-school lessons for children and consultation when problems occur. Our broad network can also share usefull information and experience.

Raise Voice

As a big grassroots movement, we can raise voice for equality. We do not stand against any caste, class, race or religion, but for equality. Our movement is strictly non-violent and people from outside the scavenger community are free to join and support our cause. Let's engage for more equality.

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