Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

- Mother Teresa

Your passion, your work!

Do you want to engage in a social project, where your help is really appreciated? Do you want to work close to the people, set your own goals and engage in independent projects? Do you want to teach regularly in an environment, where you can see change and success?

Then you should definitely apply as a volunteer for Movement for Scavenger Community. Our objectives are the development of local scavenger-communities to pave the way for equality. MSC is a movement which is powered by the energy of our highly-motivated workers. Our members are not paid a salary, because we try to invest all our money into projects like our Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Community Resource Centres and our fellowship programme.

Volunteering, however, gives you more than money. It will give you an unforgetable experience of friendship, appreciation and love. Our former volunteers have been overwhelmed by the warm athmosphere and close relations they made during their work with MSC.

Experiences of our Volunteers

I stayed 5 months with MSC and could not have made a better experience. I could run own projects, decide where I wanted to work and lived along with the community. I improved my Hindi-skills and learned how to get along in a completely unknown environment. Having travelled a lot and also worked in NGOs before, MSC gave me a unique experience. I could really feel how I made a change.


Working with Movement for Scavenger Community was a great experience for me. I lived with a nice community and Vimal told me to work in whatever way I liked. So I worked as an art-teacher. The student’s response was amazing. First I had 5 students, but after a week it was 40 and after that 95. We had to split the groups and it became a big project. Even though the students and I did not share a common language, we could communicate on the medium of art. It was amazing.


Create your own projects.

Working for MSC does not mean to sit in an office and make coffee! We are searching for confident and dynamic people who are willing to actively engage in the movement. As a volunteer, you have to design your own project. Nobody is going to tell you what to do. We connect you to the communities, organise accomodation and guide you through your project. We want you to be proactive. That means we won't tell you what to do, but expect you to make up your mind and come up with your own projects. You like arts? Great, you can become an arts teacher. You know how to teack English? Great! You can give English tuitions in our Community Resource Centres. You have special skills on the computer and want to give individual coachings to members of the community? Everything is possible. Feel free to contact us with any ideas.

Possible Areas of Work


Teaching is one of the easiest way to engage in our movement. If you are of Indian native and speak Hindi or a local language, you can almost teach anything, that gives a value to the community and movement. If you are foreigner with no or little skills, you still can help out as an art or English teacher. Contact us and let's talk about the possibilities.


Support alternative business

You are more of a start-up person, have some great ideas about how to set-up micro-businesses and want to try a project? MSC wants to bring the members of the scavenger community into alternative businesses and is happy about suggestions and know-how from outsiders. If you have some visions about establishing alternative long-term occupations, feel free to discuss it with us.


Do Research

If you have an interest in doing research on issues concerning the scavenger-community, you can also colaborate with us. Many of our founders have an academic background and are willing to support you. While working for your research, you can use our facilities and knowledge about the community. Talk to us, if you are interested.


How can I apply?

It is pretty easy! Write down your ideas and send them to us. An application should include the following information:

  • Name, adress, age
  • Prospected time and period for the volunteering
  • Ideas of project and work
  • Short bio including former work experiences, interests and motivation


If you are Indian, please send all the necessary documents to: vimal@scavenger-movement.org

If you are from abroad, please send all documents to: nils@scavenger-movement.org

We will reply to every serious application and look forward to hearing from you.