Training and selection of young leaders

Fellows for Equality

An efficient movement needs strong leaders. For this reason, MSC identifies and supports young men and women from local communities for one year. The fellows are trained in different workshops throughout the year. In cooperation with Movemen for Scavenger Community, they develop projects and programmes which are designed for the specific needs of their communities. Our senior mentors guide the fellows through the process of becoming a local leader for the movement.

Our current Fellows for Equality

One-year Guidance

The Fellows for Equality programme is designed to get more people involved in developing strategies to improve the situation of their communities. Our fellows have to select an area of work and learn how to organise and manage their projects independently. Projects can be:

  •     Improving educational outcomes of the community.
  •     Identifying and improving employability of qualified youth in the community through convergence and partnerships.
  •     Strengthening community based organisation and initiate livelihood initiatives arounde micro- enterprises.
  •     Fundraising and sustainability of Community Resource Centre objectives of the Fellowship.
  •     Linking with the community and grassroots movements for eradication of manual scavenging


Our Fellowship programme is focussed on sustainability and snowball-effects. After the first year of the fellowship, our fellows will be able to work independently and also get other community members engaged in their projects. As Senior Fellows they can share their experiences to the upcoming generation and create a network of mutual exchange and support.

Become a sponsor for the Fellows for Equality

Especially for our fellowship programme, we are in constant need of donors. To enable our fellows to work independently, we give each of them a financial compensation of 5.000 INR (about 70 USD) per month. The rent for workshop facilities, transportation and accomodation during the training-sessions are also covered by MSC (about 5.000 INR per workshop per person). We are happy for every donation or fellow-sponsorship.

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  1. Hello HR TEAM
    I am Ankit gurjar And i am pursuing MSW – Master of social work with URTCD ( URBAN RURAL TRIBAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ) and this is my semester . I am looking for a good fellowship programme and i think MSC is very good platform for me

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