Working for equality of all people

MSC - Movement for Scavenger Community

Movement for Scavenger Community - MSC is an Indian NGO founded in 2009 by young students, social activists and like minded people belonging to the scavenger community. MSC is committed to work towards the social and economic empowerment of the scavenger community through the medium of education.

I founded MSC to give every person the possibility to work towards living a life of equality. Too many children's lives are already determined by their community-origin. As a grass-root organisation, we encourage people form the scavenger communities to engage in a movement for equality. Instead of making them dependent on us, we support the local communities to start and maintain their own projects and initiate programmes for developing themselves independently.

- Vimal Kumar, Founder of MSC

Supporting independent projects

MSC supports and initiates projects which support the development of the scavenger community. In selected communities, we establish Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Community Resource Centres. The centers are run and maintained by local committees and can be used as places for education, information, business or self-help groups. MSC sponsors material and equipment according to the specific needs of the community. Believing in the power of the members of the scavenger community, we train local members in social work to enable them working independently on their own community's issues. Our Fellows for Equality programme connects young individuals from all over India, teaches them in methods of leadership and financially supports their development to become local leaders of the movement for equality.


Scavengers are members of communities under different names. In some areas they are called Bhangi, in others Balmiki, some call them Chuhras and there are many more names. But all scavengers share equal stories of marginalisation, abuse and neglect. MSC aims to spread a wide network, which reaches even beyond the countries borders.


MSC is a movement from within the society. Our ideal is a model of leadership education, where every community is enabled to solve their problems. We establish education centers in several cities and support the local communities with workshops, after-school lessons for children and consultation when problems occur. Our broad network can also share usefull information and experience.

Raise Voice

As a big grassroots movement, we can raise voice for equality. We do not stand against any caste, class, race or religion, but for equality. Our movement is strictly non-violent and people from outside the scavenger community are free to join and support our cause. Let's engage for more equality.

Do you want to join us?

Do you want to become a part of the movement towards equality? Great! We are always happy to find new supporters, donors, fellows and activists. You do not have to be from a scavenger community to engage in the movement. We accept supporters of any caste, colour, gender, religion, sexuality and nationality. Every helping hand is useful. You can directly contact us with your ideas or find some inspiration in the categories below:


Everyone can volunteer. You have special skills? You are a cricket-coach? You are a yoga-teacher? You can teach English? Read more about volunteering here.

Become a Fellow for Equality

You are a member of a scavenger community yourself and want to promote equality? Find out more about our Fellowship Programme!


Our work is dependent on donations. We have expenses for the establishment of new education centres, maintaining the fellowship programme and organizing trainings. As a donor, you enable us to run the movement effectively.

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